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Lower Middle Market Mergers & Acquisition Experts


Rather than focus on the delivery of a defined set of "products", as if often the case with other providers of investment banking services, PVB Advisors prides itself on its ability to tailor its services to achieve the "solutions" desired by its clients.  We work with our clients to identify and specify their unique issues and objectives, provide qualitative and quantitative assessments of alternatives available in the marketplace, and aggressively pursue the successful execution of chosen transaction alternatives.  

The services provided by the professionals at PVB Advisors fall within the following broad categories:

Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestiture Services.  These transactions involve ownership changes of businesses, including sales of the business, assets, and/or securities of entire companies, subsidiaries, or operation divisions of larger business enterprises.  PVB Advisors represents both buyers and sellers. 

 As "Buy-Side Advisors",  PVB's activities include the identification and pursuit of target companies, evaluation of targets, structuring and making offers, managing acquisition due diligence, negotiating acquisition documents/contracts, and closing transactions. 

 As "Sell-Side Advisors",  PVB's activities include: determination of potential value of the business to be marketed, identification of the buyer universe, preparation of marketing materials, management of the process of approaching identified buyers,  negotiating offers from buyers, managing buyer due diligence, negotiation of transaction documents, and closing of the transaction.  

Clients of PVB Advisors in pursuit of the acquisition or sale of operating businesses include corporate owners, private equity investment firms, entrepreneurs, family offices, and corporate management teams.  

Capital Raises.  Availability of capital is the engine of the M&A business,  and PVB Advisors is often engaged by clients pursuing corporate acquisitions to arrange for capital sufficient to finance the acquisition and provide for working capital and the funding of growth initiatives post-closing.  Other situations for which PVB Advisors is engaged to raise capital include:
  • Recapitalizations, which allow for liquidity distributions to current owners without a change of control;
  • Refinancings, designed to repay existing debt obligations in order to reduce interest costs, lengthen principal maturities, or minimize dilution associated with convertible debt.  
  • Growth capital raises, with funds to be utilized to pursue growth initiatives, including financing for new products or services, expansion into new markets, or for the purchase of capital equipment.  
PVB Advisors maintains relationships with a variety of lenders and equity providers, and has the ability to source senior, mezzanine, and equity funding for client companies.  

Corporate Strategic Advisory Services.  Prior to deciding to pursue specific transactions, clients often seek counsel regarding alternatives available to them, current market conditions, assessments of value for their business, and the effect that the completion of transactions may have on shareholder value.  PVB Advisors will also advise company owners on actions which should be taken to maximize value in a sale transaction.  

PVB Advisors principals frequently serve as consultants or temporary outsourced Chief Financial Officers for client companies subsequent to the completion of strategic transactions.  

Corporate Financial Restructuring.  Unforeseen economic downturns, client losses, management turnover and other extraordinary circumstances sometimes result in the inability of companies to service debt obligations.  PVB Advisors works with client companies to manage negotiations with lenders, manage cash flow, reduce overhead costs, divest of non-core assets, and return the client to financial health.  

Co-Investment.  PVB Advisors will consider investments in transactions they manage, either in the form of cash contribution, or equity in lieu of fees.